The biggest part of my day is spent mom-ing. And I feel like I do a pretty good job. Probably because my husband is a really great dad and makes me feel like a slacker which encourages me to try harder. And because I love my kids and I always wish I could do better for their sakes. I think being a mom can be broken into these 4 broad categories:

  • homeschooling

#10 Mother Culture

#13 Sex, Santa and other non-issues

#19 Will the Mother of Divine Grace curriculum adequately prepare my child for Confirmation?

#22 Plan, Do, Reflect

#23 Teacher workday

#26 Homeschooling with undiagnosed dyslexia and ADHD

  • discipline

#8 On Raising Teens You Don’t Hate

#18 How to take your kids to Mass without losing your soul

  • being present

#12 “Mom, I threw up in the toilet.”

  • faith

#7 On Raising Our Kids to Stay Faithful

#15 Praying with our children

#16 Sacramental and Vital Records

#25 Perspective art project


#11 Daily Rhythm–4 Principles