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Planning for a new school year

Here is a list of the flow from school year to school year. I'm teaching 7 levels this year (K, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, plus toddler) and have taught all of them before, and planning is a vital... Continue Reading →


28. Read aloud MODG

When I first reach for my earliest memory of the twins, it is the day they came home from the hospital. My husband and I, fairly clueless about what to do with 3 and 4 lb babies, placed them in... Continue Reading →

26. Homeschooling with undiagnosed dyslexia and ADHD

I apologize for this long post which is not as orderly as I prefer. It was originally a Facebook conversation which I have cobbled together here since this is information I frequently get asked about.  Our Dyslexia story: We have... Continue Reading →

25. Perspective art project

“Keep your eyes on the crucifix, for Jesus without the cross is a man without a mission, and the cross without Jesus is a burden without a reliever.” --Fulton Sheen Think for a moment about Christ on the cross. Usually,... Continue Reading →

23. Teacher workday

February is always that month of the year where homeschool moms start dreaming the yellow school bus dream. If only our kids got on the magical yellow bus each morning, we would suddenly be transported to a wonderful land of... Continue Reading →

22. Plan, Do, Reflect

What I want to talk about is taking a teacher workday, but before we can discuss this important and practical tool for successful homeschooling, we need to discuss the principles that support it. Developing and articulating our principles in a... Continue Reading →

19. Will the Mother of Divine Grace curriculum adequately prepare my child for Confirmation?

I have seen this question asked many times in different places and thought it would be fun to address it directly as I am currently preparing 4 children (ages 8-14 years) to receive their Confirmation in May. The first answer... Continue Reading →

13. Sex, Santa and other non-issues

In my self-righteous 20s or my prideful 30s, I could have told you exactly how to do many things right. OK, well, I still can, but I will moderate my tone a bit. I'll simply tell you how we do... Continue Reading →

10. Mother Culture

Do you know about Mother Culture? This transformative concept came from  A Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola which I read when I was a young homeschooling mom with 5 little people. I believe you would do best to read her... Continue Reading →

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