I won’t take credit for the idea of “reasonably clean”. Leila Lawler became my savior when she used this tag on her blog “Like Mother, Like Daughter.” She released me from feeling inadequate by introducing the idea that we don’t strive for perfection, we strive to be reasonable. I happen to really love being reasonable. Being reasonable helps me detatch from my emotions and think carefully about what must be done. Being reasonable is often, for me, the first step to being orderly. My reasonably clean house tasks occur:

  • frequently
  • less frequently

#23 How to really clean a bathroom and save a soul

  • occasionally

#12 “Mom, I threw up in the toilet.”

Reasonable cleanliness also extends to:

  • moving

#16 Sacramental and Vital Records

  • organization

#11 Daily Rhythm–4 Principles

  • cooking

#17 Big family eating–Grilled Chili Lime Chicken Salad

  • budget

#21 Church Clothes the easy way