Small Laundry Room, Big Family



22. Plan, Do, Reflect

What I want to talk about is taking a teacher workday, but before we can discuss this important and practical tool for successful homeschooling, we need to discuss the principles that support it. Developing and articulating our principles in a... Continue Reading →


20. Do you pray for a holy death?

Do you pray for a holy death? You should. You should pray for a holy death. Did you know that every time you pray a Hail Mary, you are praying for a holy death? .... I used to be able... Continue Reading →

18. How to take your kids to Mass without losing your soul

When you approach the tabernacle, remember that He has been waiting for you for twenty centuries. -- St. Josemaria Escriva This is a distillation of unsolicited advice that my friend Alison and I offered to a group of moms before... Continue Reading →

14. Triath-mom

I have never been a sporty kid. I was a tomboy, but climbing trees did not translate to an aptitude or enjoyment of sports. I stopped running--if a 15 min mile could be called running--in the 7th grade. I played... Continue Reading →

12. “Mom, I threw up in the toilet.”

Of course those words preceded the child vomiting across the living room and down the hall. My cry of anger and frustration came out in the noisy rise and fall of my "AwwwwwWWWW!!!!" and my husband also immediately made a... Continue Reading →

11. Daily Rhythm– 4 Principles

A struggle every person seems to have is that there are not enough hours in a day. Now, I almost failed economics in college, but I remember that time is the most precious resource because we cannot make more of it. "We... Continue Reading →

13. Sex, Santa and other non-issues

In my self-righteous 20s or my prideful 30s, I could have told you exactly how to do many things right. OK, well, I still can, but I will moderate my tone a bit. I'll simply tell you how we do... Continue Reading →

10. Mother Culture

Do you know about Mother Culture? This transformative concept came from  A Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola which I read when I was a young homeschooling mom with 5 little people. I believe you would do best to read her... Continue Reading →

9. What “Me Time” isn’t

My friend, We all get worn down with all we do in a given day. In the early years, you are a triathloner: carrying children all day, cooking, cleaning. Physically the work is demanding and you crave a moment's peace... Continue Reading →

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