Last year I was thinking about family prayer and realized that when my parents stopped praying my bedtime prayers with me is when I stopped praying. Remembering that St. Vincent de Paul’s family prayed the rosary at the table before dinner, we decided to create a standard set of prayers that we pray at each mealtime since that is easier for us than bedtime.

At breakfast, the prayers are intended to sanctify our day and work.

  • Morning Offering
  • Act of Faith
  • Prayer to St. Joseph the Worker

At lunch the prayers unite us with the Mass if we cannot be there. Many of these prayers are based on what we prayed after noon Mass at our old parish and so they created a strong connection between our Domestic Church and the Church Universal. These prayers are almost always prayed individually instead of as a group since we don’t sit down all at once.

  • Angelus
  • Spiritual Communion
  • Memorare
  • Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel
  • Litany of Saints based on our family’s patron saints

At dinner we pray bedtime prayers but do it before we say grace.

  • Decade of the Rosary
  • Prayer for the Year of Consecrated Life
  • Act of Hope
  • Act of Love
  • Act of Contrition

I made these into booklets, sewed the pages together, and tied them into little Mead notebooks where we would each have a place to write personal prayer intentions, like our godchildren or sponsors.