Small Laundry Room, Big Family



21. Church clothes the easy way

Remember the good old days when you were pregnant with hyperemesis gravidarum and only had 4 kids (including a breastfeeder) to get ready for 8:30 am Mass? Yeah, me too. It was probably around that time that I came to the... Continue Reading →


11. Daily Rhythm– 4 Principles

A struggle every person seems to have is that there are not enough hours in a day. Now, I almost failed economics in college, but I remember that time is the most precious resource because we cannot make more of it. "We... Continue Reading →

16. Sacramental and Vital Records

One child made his First Holy Communion last fall. Four kids are getting Confirmed later this year. One is applying to seminary. I need proof of my sacramental marriage. None of us has a complete and up-to-date sacramental record. I... Continue Reading →

5. Reasonably Clean Housekeeping

I won't take credit for the idea of "reasonably clean". Leila Lawler became my savior when she used this tag on her blog "Like Mother, Like Daughter." She released me from feeling inadequate by introducing the idea that we don't strive... Continue Reading →

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