Dear Nancy,

We don’t know each other, but when I told you that I am a busy mom trying to balance being a holy person, a good wife, ¬†and a mom to 9 kids, that I’m trying to classically homeschool 8 kids, clean the house, cook dinner, exercise and grow another little person, and that I am not currently stuggling but usually housekeeping is my downfall, you suggested I write a blog to help you and moms like you. I laughed.

Well, my unknown friend, I do like helping people. And I feel like I’ve gleaned so much wisdom from a variety of people and blogs and books and Facebook posts and Pinterest boards, but the challenge is that they aren’t very orderly, are they? The wisdom is there, but you must dig and skim and bookmark and pin and journal to try to keep track of it all.

So this is for you. I decided to impose an order on all the layers of our vocation: Wife-ing, Mom-ing, Reasonably Clean Housekeeping, and Me, Myself and I. If there is something here that helps you, that blesses me too.

Peace, Rachel