We moms can feel like the most neglected person as we go about our vocation, but I rarely do. Partially, this is because I had the benefit of being raised by a faithful Catholic housewife who seemed quite content with her identity as a faithful Catholic housewife. I have no problem seeing all the parts of my vocation as being a part of who I am. And I feel like everything I do comes back to enriching my vocation, so there is nothing in me that is in conflict with being a wife and mother. I’m blessed that way.

I like to visualize a personĀ as a multifaceted diamond where each face is a window to the inner radience. But of course, the three main parts that we develop and care for in ourselves are:

  • soul

9. What “Me Time” isn’t

10. Mother Culture

12. “Mom, I threw up in the toilet.”

13. Sex, Santa and other non-issues

18. How to take your kids to Mass without losing your soul

20. Do you pray for a holy death?

  • mind

22. Plan, Do, Reflect

  • body

#14 Triath-mom


#11 Daily Rhythm–4 Principles